Monday, June 23, 2014

Gettysburg Battlefield Bed & Breakfast Wedding Photography : Rusty & Whitney's Wedding Photographs (Rustic Barn Reception)

What a beautiful day this was for a wedding! We Spent the day photographing Rusty & Whitney's wedding at the Gettysburg Battlefield Bed & Breakfast! It is a beautiful Barn Venue with the ceremony taking place in front of the pond and the reception right behind it in the barn.  I had no idea that I selected so many photos for the blog until I went to upload them! Who can blame me?  Whitney was such a classic beautiful bride & Rusty was so handsome in his Uniform!  What is a photographer to do? Anyways, This is just a few of my favorites from their wedding day! Hope you enjoy them!

So excited to photograph at another beautiful Barn venue Wind in the Willows Grantville Pa, a fantastic locations for a ceremony & Reception and so many locations for amazing photography!