Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dave and Christy's -Wedding Photography in Harrisburg, PA, Lancaster PA & York PA

Congratulations Dave and Christy! I was thrilled to photograph your wedding, especially after our fantastic session last year with your adorable son. The beautiful ceremony was held at this beautiful cathedral church, on a cloudy breezy day at the end of May. The groom and his groomsmen all wore traditional Scottish wedding attire and after the ceremony Christy wore a matching tartan sash. Christy was stunning and her eyes just sparkled the entire day. Thank you for a great day, I hope you enjoy this sneak peek at a few of my favorites from your wedding day.

-Wedding Photography in Harrisburg, PA, Lancaster PA & York PA

Hershey Country Club is a beautiful wedding venue!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Adam and Vicky's Wedding - Wedding PHOTOGRAPHY YORK PA, Lancaster PA and Baltimore.

I have been looking forward to Adam and Vicky's wedding since I first met the them at their consultation. Such an easy going couple with an obvious true love. We went from a winery, to downtown, to a beautiful country club for their wedding photographs! We did it all and had a great day! You and your entourage were fantastic, thank you for having me out with you on your incredible day. I hope you enjoy a sneak peek at some of my favorite photographs from your special day.

Photographing a wedding at Drumore Estates is always an awesome experience. The grounds are a photographer's playground!
Drumore Estate - A Perfect Wedding Venue and Much More Near Lancaster PA and Baltimore.